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Custom Made

Tsuji electronics can provide electronic equipments matched to the customer's individual demand, even if it is one equipment, with our technology cultivated by experiences of many products development process. We are good at one or a few equipments production.

Electronic circuits using microcomputers and operational amplifiers, electric circuits for automatic control system, remote control circuits using GP-IB, RS232C, LAN communication line, with those technology we can provide services such as circuit designing, prototype production, mass production, maintenance etc.

Our headquarters is Tsuchiura City in the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture. Based on experience and the results cultivated by collaborations with many researchers studying at organizations of Tsukuba city, we can reply to your demands quickly.

Call us and use our technology to realize your ideas !!

In the combination of existing devices, if you have problems in cost, space, and the operation method etc, please ask us soon. Custom-made (custom product) is one method when thinking about the total cost.

Development and design

Using our technologies, those are hardware development, software development, and communication technology development, we can develop and design equipments match to your demand.

Hardware development Digital (H8, SH, PIC, FPGA, CPLD), analogue (DC-2GHz), and the firmware are developed in the office.

AD, DA conversion, VF, FV conversion, Current Voltage conversion, RF equipment, printed wiring board design (Double-layer to multi-layer board)

Software development The sequencer, PLC, and H8・SH microcomputer C language, PIC-C language Visual Basic for PC.
Application with communication

RS232C, GP-IB, Ethernet (LAN) and USB communication application.

Manufacturing technology

Printed wiring board design (Double-layer to multi-layer) Printed wiring board assembly (Surface mount device such as flat packages, BGA package mount), Experimental circuit by wrapping wiring on universal board, Panels are made inside by shearing machine and set press and others, Rack system assembly.

Quality assurance system

We always aim at the customer satisfaction improvement by constructing ISO9001 and the ISO14001 system.

Example of custom made electronics

通信網同期基準信号発生器 (A-Net-Oscillator)
通信網同期基準信号発生器 (A-Net-Oscillator)本装置により、NTTが提供する光通信サービスINSネット1500を利用して高精度・高安定度10MHzの基準信号を生成することが可能です。INSネット1500は通常、光ファイバで送られてきた信号をDSUで受け、PBXを介して各端末に結線されています。
基準周波数発生装置はDSUの出力信号を取り込み、PBXへ出力しますが、この時伝送路基準クロック信号を検出し10MHzの基準信号を生成します。出力ポート数は4 出力あり各測定に利用することができます。
出力周波数安定度はσy =1×10-12 以下 (1日平均のアラン標準偏差) です。

High-speed counter/timer
imageIt is a scaler/timer with built-in high-speed (over 100MHz) 8 ch 32 bit counters and a 32 bit timer(1μs accuracy). It has a common TTL GATE input to the counters and an TTL RUN output. It is controlled by LAN or USB.

Rack built-in test system
imageThe measurement control equipment such as constant current power supply, constant voltage power supply, Function generator, Personal computer, Oscilloscope, and Mock load are built into the rack, and an efficient test system is designed and produced.

High-speed AFM control circuit
imageThe circuits that control the atomic force microscope were built into a NIM case. It had the dials that set the PID parameter, the upper limit and the lower limit within the range of the control. It also had the monitor output of the main point. It became a space-saving, a low cost, and a highly effective equipment for AFM experiments.

NIM module product
imageWe can help you to make the original circuit in a NIM standard case. Please
ask us any Analog amplifier, VF/FV converter, Digital input, Digital output
circuit, LAN/RS232C/GP-IB communication circuit, and Interface circuit, etc.

High voltage pulse generator
imageIt has a circuit that generates the pulse of the voltage of 0-100V by external TTL trigger signal. The falling is 50ns or less. Polarity (0 to +100V, 0 to -100V) and positive logic or negative logic for TTL trigger input will be possible.

Leak detector
imageThe leak breaker cuts power off at once when there is a leak. However, this detector only informs the leak with the buzzer sound, and doesn't cut the power supply. It is not desirable that the power supply falls because of the leakage current caused by a lot of noise filters using. This informs the leak without the power supply shut down.

20CH constant current power supply
imageIt can generate the DC constant current from 0.01μA to 20μA with each channel of 20CH. It has high stability, and low ripple circuit.

Multipoint remote monitoring as a LAN application
imageIt works only by connecting to existing LAN port. It sends out an abnormal signal to the center when the accident happens. The status of many monitor points can be easily sent without the establishment of the connection in advance by using the UDP protocol.

3Three axis monochromator controller
imageThe monochromator is controlled by absolute high accuracy positional encoder (1/10000 degree) and the pulse motor controller. It has the remote control function by LAN and GP-IB.

Resolver signal generator
imageIt generates the signal that imitates the resolver used as a rotating positional detector. When the exciter signal is supplied to the R1‐R2 terminal, the positional signal are got from the S1‐S3 and S2‐S4 terminal as output. The exciter signal is made by a high-speed A/D converter, D/A converter, memory and counter.