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Position Reading Equipment

Encoder Counter

Model Number Appearance Number of Channel Feature Price

(JPY, without Tax)

ER4C-04 * image 4ch With LAN interface ¥240,000
ER2C-04 * image 2ch With LAN interface ¥200,000
ER4C-02A image 4ch With GP-IB interface ¥330,000 maintenance


ER4C-03A 4ch With LAN interface ¥330,000
ER2C-02A image 2ch With GP-IB interface ¥255,000
ER2C-03A 2ch With LAN interface ¥255,000

*ER4C-04 and ER2C-04 have compatibility with ER4C-03A and ER2C-03A. ER4C-04 and ER2C-04 are less expensive than ER4C-03A and ER2C-03A. In the case of the new purchase, we recommend ER4C-04 and ER2C-04 encoder counter.

Position Monitor

Model Number Appearance Number of Channel Price (JPY, without Tax)
4PMON-03 image 4ch ¥115,000
2PMON-03 2ch ¥79,000

* Product specifications and configurations are subject to change for improvement or other reasons without prior notice.

* Be sure to read instruction manuals before operating the equipment for your safety.