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2CH Stepping Motor Controller | UPM2C-01


Strpping Motor Controller UPM2C-01 is NPM2C-01's successor model. UPM2C-01's communication is only USB, and there is not LAN. Power is supplied via USB, and it will work without AC adapter. If DC12V adaptor (T3168AC: sold separately) is used, UPM2C-01's power is supplied from DC12V adapter. And also, it is able to use for the sensor's power supply (+12V).

NPM2C-01's commands can be used in UPM2C-01.

In addition, new commands ( common with PM16C-04XD) have been added.

UPM2C-01 can use the control program of NPM2C-01.

UPM2C-01 is miniaturized in comparison with UPM2C-01, and basic performance has also been extended.

Pulse step number is enhanced from 24bit to 32bit.

The range of output pulse rate is expanded.

The range of acceleration and deceleration range of output pulse is expanded.

S-character form drive is available In UPM2C-01

Firmware (ROM) is possible to upgrade through USB communication.

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Control motor 2 motors (Simultaneous control, Independent control)
Output CW, CCW, HOLD OFF (5V, 4mA: line driven) for each 2 motor drivers
Pulse rate 1 ∼ 5,000,000PPS
Pulse control


±2,147,483,647 (32bit)
Acceleration and

deaccekeration rate

1000ms/1000PPS ∼ 0.016ms/1000PPS
Acceleration and

deaccekeration form

Constant speed, S-character form, trapezoidal form
Output format Pulse-Pulse (2pulses), Pulse-Direction (1pilse)
Limit switch input CW-LS, CCW-LS, HP-LS 12V 5mA for each motors

Power of sensor (12V, max 0.5A) is supplied from DC12V adaptor, if the adaptor is used.

Power USB bus power, DC5V, about 250mA

Power is supplied from DC12V adaptor, if the adaptor is used.

Size W170mm×D100mm×H43mm
Weight 350g (without AC adaptor)


Main Unit

UPM2C-01 ¥68,000 (JPY, without Tax)


DC12V 1A Power (T3168AC) ¥3,000 (JPY, without Tax)

USB cable (1m) ¥1,200 (JPY, without Tax)