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100MHz NIM V-F Converter | N2VF-1H

4PMON-04N2VF-1H is the 100MHz 2CH V-F Converter that is housed in a NIM-1UNIT case.

It has the four-levels amplification factor switch and the polarity selector switch.

N2VF-1H is easy to be monitored.

i.e., the over-range and polarity are displayed on LED and also outputted as opencollector outputs.

Therefore, V-F conversion is always performed at the optimum conditions.



Performance and Specifications

Model Number N2VF-1H
Channels 2CH
Input Range -10V/-5V/-2.5V/-1V/+1V/+2.5V/+5V/+10V
Input Single-end
Input Impedance 1MΩ
Output Range 100MHz/50MHz/25MHz/10MHz
Output TTL level
*Please use 50Ω termination to reduce the reflected wave.
Conversion Accuracy ±0.01%FS
Inpur Sampling Frequency 1MHz
Response 10μs or less
Input Connector BNC connector
Output Connector for Frequency LEMO connector (equivalent to EPL00250NTN)
Over-Range output Open collector (normaly close), isolated
output Connector for Over-Range BNC connector
Power Supply +12V/200mA, +6V/600mA


Main unit